Yellow Jacket Etiquette & Policies

Create a Yellow Jacket account online to purchase and schedule your classes and sessions, and to get boring paperwork out of the way. You can also reschedule and cancel your workouts online, but see our Cancellation Policy below for details.

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Free Consultation:

Call or email the studio to set up a free consultation to tour the studio, explain training options and discuss your fitness goals that we can help you reach.

Packages & Membership:

Classes and instructor assignments are subject to change. Pricing is subject to change. You must purchase packages before classes or sessions begin, and payment plans are available for 20 session packages and higher. Unlimited Membership requires a credit card for automatic monthly payments and 6-month commitment.  Your credit card will be charged your monthly rate ($129 or $219) each month for 6 months.  At the end of 6 months, you will be automatically renewed unless notified by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 5 days prior to your membership expiration date.  Should you need to cancel your membership before the six-month unlimited membership is due, there will be a cancellation fee of one month's membership.  Our month to month memberships will automatically renew into another month to month membership unless notified by email 5 days before expiration.  We are offering a one-time 30-day freeze option should the need arise.

Group Classes & PT Sessions:

Each group class is based on a 50-minute workout. Please arrive 5 minutes early to be ready promptly at the class start time to avoid interrupting the class and instructor. If you are new to Yellow Jacket, please arrive 10 minutes early to get acquainted with the studio. Each PT session is either 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the package you purchase. Please arrive 5 minutes early to be ready promptly at the session start time. If you are late to your PT session, you will only train for the time remaining of your original session time.

Cancellation Policy:

All classes and sessions are scheduled by signing up online or calling the studio to schedule. Clients are asked to give at least a 24-hour cancellation notice through the online schedule. If it is within the 24-hour window, please call the studio to cancel. If you cancel within 2-hours of the class start time, it will be considered a late cancel, and you will be charged for the class. Unlimited Class Members will be charged $18 on the credit card on file for each late cancel. If you cancel within 12-hours of a personal training session, it will be considered a late cancel, and you will be charged for the session. All clients will be given one exception per month for a late cancellation without loss of that class or session. A no-show class or session will be charged and deducted from your account.

Unlimited Class Membership Agreement Cancellation Policy:

Agreements may be cancelled with the following stipulations:  Upon notice of cancellation, a one-month ($129 or $219) cancellation fee will be charged.  No refunds will be given for classes for which payment has been received.  Upon notice of cancellation, no further payments will be deducted.  If classes have been completed for which payment has not been received, those classes must be paid for.  An agreement and payments may be suspended one time, for up to one month.  Upon resumption of training, the original agreement expiration date will be adjusted.  If you cannot resume training within one month, the agreement will be cancelled and the agreement cancellation policies will apply. 

Waitlist Policy:

If you are unable to schedule the class you desire because it is full, please call the studio and get on the waitlist for that class. If any spots open up due to cancellations, then we will add you to the class and you will be notified by phone or email.

Expiration of Sessions:

All class packages expire after 30 days of the billing date.  Any family member can use a class package of another family member under the class package membership.  Any family member using a family member's class package must have a waiver filled out on file.  

Secure Your Belongings:

Please place your belongings in the cubbies located in the studio. We are not responsible for lost or missing personal items.

Safety & Health:

Mobile devices are a distraction and safety hazard and are not allowed in the studio during class time. Please silent all devices during class time. Please do not come into the studio when you are sick. Please have water with you in class. Fill up your bottle at our filling station, or purchase water bottles at the front desk. We also provide towels at the front desk, included in all packages. Due to safety and health reasons, all classes are limited to three per day. All class participants must be 17 or over, or must be 15 and over with parent also participating in class, unless otherwise noted.

Kids Klub:

Kids Klub is available for children from the ages of 6 months to 6 years old, and is included in your package and membership. Kids Klub will currently be available as noted on the Group Fitness Class Schedule.  Availability is limited. Please no snacks, food or drinks (except water). You may bring a bottle for infants, but please label with your child’s name. Staff will not handle diaper changes.

Waiver & Liability:

By signing up for a Yellow Jacket Fitness class or personal training session, you acknowledge that you have voluntarily chose to participate in a program of strenuous physical activity including but not limited to agility training, weight training, stationary bicycling and various aerobic conditioning using various machinery, and training techniques. You further acknowledge that Yellow Jacket Fitness strongly recommends that you consult with your physician prior to starting any classes or sessions. You acknowledge that you are fully informed of the strenuous nature of our training techniques, and release Yellow Jacket Fitness LLC and its trainers, contract or staff, from any claims, demands and causes of action arising from my participation in the exercise program. You release Yellow Jacket Fitness LLC and its trainers, contract or staff, from any liability now or in the future including, but not limited to heart attacks, muscle strains, muscle pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, knee/lower back/foot injuries and any other illnesses, soreness or injury, however caused, occurring during or after my participation in the exercise program. You hereby acknowledge that your agreement to this release applies to each time you participate in a Yellow Jacket Fitness activity, and that you assume all risk for your health and well being, and that of any minor under your care, and fully release Yellow Jacket Fitness from all liability.

Latest News:

Bragging on COACH ERIN today...  Come join Erin at Shred, Momentum or Concrete and see what you can accomplish today!


'In 2012, I never knew how much my life was going to change when I decided to become a trainer and coach. I was in the height of my own fitness journey competing in CrossFit competitions, running marathons, and playing competitive tennis matches when my head coach asked if I’d be interested in coaching and training others. I knew I loved working out and pushing myself, but honestly doubted if I could help others when it came to training. Boy was I wrong! It’s been the best decision that I’ve ever made! There is no better feeling than helping someone reach their goals whether it’s their first pull up, first box jump or getting in that dress for the wedding. I never thought my 8 years of teaching elementary school would make an impact today, but I’m often told that my strength is in breaking down movements step by step in a way that’s easier to understand and follow. My passion is motivating and pushing others past their comfort zone whether it’s in a personal training situation or in a class group setting all while making fitness FUN! I want our athletes to leave it all at the door for an hour and walk out feeling better than when they walked in.

Now don’t let this fit lifestyle fool you. Growing up I was an active swimmer and tennis player, but it wasn’t until gaining 80 pounds with my kids that I realized the control one has over their body and decided to do something about it. When overweight, out of shape athletes come to me intimated and scared, I totally understand. I love squashing their fears and reminding them to take one step at a time, one day at a time and to never look back because they aren’t going there.

Since 2012, I earned my CrossFit Level I Training Cert along with specialty certifications in Gymnastics, Endurance Training, Striking, Trigger Point, First Aid and CPR. Coaching and training were nothing I ever planned for myself, but I honestly can’t imagine seeing myself doing anything else.

When I’m not coaching classes, personal training or getting my own workout in at YJ, you can find me shuttling my son, Ashton (14) to his next basketball game or fishing pond and my daughter, Kylie (10) to tumbling, cheer or volleyball. You’ll find me hanging out at YJ as I feel it is more of my second home than my place of work, and my husband, Scott, is hooked as well! The community is one of a kind and I’m blessed to be a part of it.

If you want to see how far you can push yourself to reach and exceed your goals, come check us out. I teach CONCRETE, SHRED and MOMENTUM classes, coach YJ’s ENDURANCE TEAM through various half marathon and 5k races and personal train clients from beginners to the elite. I only wish I found this place sooner.'


Stay tuned for details!  

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