Indoor Cycle

Indoor Cycle


A high-energy cardio class, using stationary bikes, that allows you to crank up the intensity and push your limits, while maintaining a low-impact workout that is effective and adaptable to all fitness levels. 

Latest News:

This WHOLE30 challenge is for athletes who are feeling sluggish, unmotivated, low energy, craving sugar, feel out of control with eating, want to feel better, want to look better, suffering from health issues, or just want a healthy restart. This challenge is for the COMMITTED!

We're kicking off the Challenge on Sunday, October 15 at 5:00pm to discuss the details of the challenge and answer any questions. This will give you time to grocery shop and plan your meals before the actual Challenge STARTS FRIDAY OCTOBER 20. We'll also have opportunities to do measurements before the challenge starts.

The cost is $30 for YJ members and $130 for new clients.
$130 will include the Challenge and Unlimited Group Classes for 30 days ($185 value for only $130)

What benefits do I get from the challenge?
*Feel better right before the holidays
*Weight loss (One rule is that you cannot weigh yourself for 30 days!)
*Health conditions improve (headaches, skin issues, etc.)
*Digestive problems resolved
*Improve sleep (go to bed easily and get up refreshed)
*Clearer skin
*Energy goes way up!
*More effective work outs
*Discover which foods make you feel bad
*Feel in control when it comes to food

Looking forward to a rewarding challenge and hope you'll join us! Sign up online or in studio.


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