Member Spotlight: Jennifer

For May we will spotlight YJ Member, Jennifer Donaldson. Jennifer works hard and has seen great results!

Why do you like working out at YJ?

I love the different array of people, the trainers and the multitude of classes offered. Oh yeah, and the friendships that have grown over time!

What’s your favorite exercise movement?

Anything with the Battle Ropes.

What’s your least favorite exercise movement?

Pull ups…can’t seem get away from that oh so helpful band! 

What is your favorite class at YJ? And why?

That’s a hard one. In the beginning it was for sure Momentum. It has all around everything; strength, core, cardio and you never know what you’re going to walk into! Then I was introduced to Concrete. I love seeing the measurable outcomes. Guess I’d have to say it’s a toss up.      

What do you like about group fitness vs. a traditional gym?

Sports have always been in my life and I have older brothers. I’ve always done much better with some friendly competition.  

What fitness goals have you met since you joined YJ?

I’ve increased my overall strength and endurance. Oh and for some reason I keep having a problem with my clothes being too big!

Why did you join YJ?

I’ve worked with David for awhile and like his style of coaching and the people I’ve met in the process. Guess I wasn’t the only one. I still see a big portion of those faces to this day!

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