Member Spotlight: Roderick

Meet Roderick!

If you are a member of Team Yellow Jacket, you have seen all of the motiving posts by Roderick (and sometimes a few friendly challenges as well). He is always the first to encourage and inspire all of us to be our best self and to reach our goals. Here at YJ, we love having Roderick as part of our family. 

It is not uncommon for Roderick to work an 18 hour day and show up for the 5:00 am RevUP class the next morning. He says that RevUP "challenges him," making it his favorite class at YJ. If there is one word to describe Roderick, it would be DEDICATED! Roderick said he enjoys working out at Yellow Jacket because of the "great coaches." He also enjoys the fact that our members are "team players," and attending group fitness classes that everyone there is working as a team to "encourage you and cheer you on."

Prior to joining Yellow Jacket in August, Roderick injured his leg at work requiring surgery. His dedications to YJ and his workouts,  allowed him to "rehabilitate his leg and to get stronger and more physically fit." Roderick is now "able to do box jumps and squats" which he wasn't able to do after his injury. He is constantly challenging himself to meet his fitness goals and pushes his body to overcome the difficulty his leg injury has caused him.

When asked what his favorite exercise movement is, Roderick said, "kettlebell swings because if you go heavy, it's good for strength and it's cardio at the same time." He also enjoys pull-ups because it's pretty cool "to be able to pull up your own body weight multiple times." 

Roderick, we are proud to have you as a member at Yellow Jacket and have loved seeing you meet your goals while motivating others through your dedication and leadership.

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