Member Spotlight: Simon & Jackie

We had a chance to chat with one of our favorite YJ couples, Simon and Jackie. Simon and Jackie have been at YJ since the doors opened last August. Simon always has a smile and Jackie always pushes us to do a little extra by suggesting we do a tabata abs at the end of our workouts. She has become known for it, so we now call tabata abs "Jakata Abs!"

They have worked hard to accomplish their fitness goals. We love their enthusiasm for fitness and their presence at the studio! 

What were your thoughts when you saw YJ was opening?

When they first started building we were hoping for a Starbucks, LOL, but then Super Excited to see YJ appear!  Not only was it a convenient location for us, we both needed a push to exercise. We have been doing a regiment of cardio i.e. running, biking, but as you get a little older you need to work muscles. I (Simon) was actually scouting cross fit locations in the area when YJ cropped up so it was ideal.


What aspects do you like about working out at YJ?

Accessibility- we have no excuses not to come.

Structured and Varied Programs

Quality Coaching – all coaches have a wide variety of skills that give us the best positive experience.

Sense of community, everyone is super friendly and supportive, since you work out together there is no cop out! It’s a fun place.


Jackie, is "Jakata" your alter-ego? (Haha!)

I would love to say yes!


What is your favorite class at YJ? And why?

Jackie : Momentum & Shred -  variety – no two classes are the same.  It includes all forms of exercise that requires your entire body to work out, as well as it serves all body types.  Refreshing and challenging.

Simon : Love Momentum especially Dave’s class and also Concrete. I want to get back in to spinning so look out Tina!


What do you like about group fitness?

Inspiring & motivating.  Group  Fitness is a great way to help motivate yourself and others.   It makes the us all dig deeper and push harder.  


What fitness goals have you met since you've joined YJ?

Simon:  While I have achieved a fair weight loss, I have bulked up and built body mass.  As a result my stamina and strength have increased. In todays world there are a lot of demands and stress, this helps cope with it. I feel a lot better for it, especially with the early morning workouts, it really sets up the day. Always an ache and pain somewhere but that just a reminder that you are “in it”

Jackie:  One of the reason I did join was to be slightly more toned and to increase my strength and stamina.  All boxes are ticked. 

Woodlands Marathon: Saturday 3/4
CRAWFISH BOIL Saturday 5/6 @ 1:00 pm


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Friday, 22 June 2018