Erin Hehr

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Jennifer Mills

Over the years, I've been active in many areas of fitness. I played team sports, enjoyed mountain biking, bmx, skateboarding and snowboarding. In more recent years, I ran several half marathons, began weight training and participated in local CrossFit competitions. As a certified personal trainer and CrossFit coach, I enjoy sharing my passion of fitness with others and helping them reach their goals

When I'm not coaching or working out, I'm a full-time "soccer mom" to my 3 awesome children.

Tina Parish

I wholeheartedly believe investing in your health is the foundation and doorway to a more fulfilled life.  As a fitness professional, it gives me great joy to help clients in their pursuit of a better quality of life.  I am a certified NASM personal trainer, as well as a cycling and Pilates instructor with 8 years of experience in the health industry.  My approach to training is holistic: to create a program for each client to maintain their optimum health, with an emphasis on core strength, aerobic endurance, and building lean muscle.  

Insider tip:  My favorite core exercises are planks, bridges, and belly laughs.

Jeramy Goodson

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Sandra Haddock

It was nearly nineteen years ago that I experienced my first yoga class.  I was immediately hooked!  As a lifelong nutrition and fitness buff, I have found that Yoga perfectly compliments any fitness routine and is a great reliever of stress and muscle tension, with added benefit of increasing focus and clarity of mind.  I decided to become a teacher so I could share my passion for this unique discipline with others, a course which led me all the way to India to study.   My focus is on more than just yoga as exercise, but as an integrative therapy that is truly beneficial to every BODY.  In every class, I invite students to unplug from our modern state of being "always on", to be here now and notice themselves in every movement and posture:  the breath, the body.   Embracing this practice naturally counters stress and instills patience and clarity of mind, while countering the physical effects of sitting for long hours.  I recommend my classes for all levels of yoga experience.  Come enjoy the benefits!  

Off the mat, I enjoy chasing after my two sons and spending time outdoors with my family, digging in my garden, cooking good food and taking in culture. 

Aaron Mills

Fitness has been a lifestyle of mine since I was young. Football, baseball, skateboarding,snowboarding, BMX and mountain biking are how I spent my younger years. With my competitive nature, CrossFit and weight training grew into a passion of mine. As a certified personal trainer, CrossFit coach and a background in physical therapy, I have worked with clients of all walks of life. 

When I'm not at the gym coaching or working out with my wife, I'm busy watching my three kids play competitive soccer or walking our two dogs. 

Chelsea Todd

Having spent the majority of my youth in competitive gymnastics and school sports, fitness has always been an instrumental pat of my life.  It wasn't until a few years ago, however, that I discovered I had a true passion for living a healthy lifestyle and striving to be the best version of me.  Being an elementary educator at the time, days could be long and exhausting.  Nevertheless, I always knew a good workout would be the ultimate stress reliever.  it grew to be the part of my day that I looked forward to most and quickly became the way I started my morning to set the tone for the day.  The happiness that fitness has helped cultivate in my life is something I want to share with others.  I am excited to be part of the Yellow Jacket team and look forward to being alongside you in your journey towards a healthy, happy lifestyle!