At Yellow Jacket Fitness, the group dynamic provides the motivation, accountability and drive you need to obtain optimal results. These classes are proven. They are result-driven. They are scaled to each individual’s ability within the class to provide body-changing workouts through everyday functional movements.

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All Group Fitness classes are 50 minutes, unless otherwise noted.


A HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL metabolic training class including ever-changing body weight exercises and resistance training with little rest between exercises to maximize CALORIE BURN, and increase your metabolic rate during and after the workout.

Concrete (STRENGTH)

A fitness class designed for every athlete, new or experienced with a barbell, specializing in the use of structural, compound, Olympic, gymnastic and functional movement patterns to build strength, endurance and increase the size of skeletal muscle with an emphasis on instruction and proper form.  This is where we develop leaner and stronger bodies by moving variable objects and weights in a controlled manner.


A class including weight lifting workouts designed to target specific muscle groups to stimulate growth, strength, density and definition.  


Develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability in this low-impact circuit-training style class.  The TRX Suspension Trainer and Pilates are incorporated with other equipment into a full-body workout that builds muscular strength, improves cardiovascular endurance and increases range of motion. This efficient training class is scalable to all fitness levels and guarantees every BODY will be challenged.


A high-energy cardio class, using stationary bikes, that allows you to crank up the intensity and push your limits, while maintaining a low-impact workout that is effective and adaptable to all fitness levels. 


Breathe energy, peace and tranquility into your everyday life, while increasing strength and flexibility. Yoga offers instant gratification and lasting transformation. Yoga brings focus and balance to the chaos of life, while also increasing muscle endurance, strength and flexibility. Every BODY can benefit from some type of yoga. By reinforcing the mind-body connections, you can protect yourself from injury and enjoy more than just a workout, but a healthier lifestyle.

Hybrid (BOOT CAMP)

A group, hybrid class combining all elements of fitness. 


A high energy class focused on SHREDding fat and strengthening the CORE.  Athletes atlernate strength and cardio movements focusing on the core muscles without doing a single crunch to help with your stability and balance, while preventing back pain and increasing your overall strength.

Synergy (cardio + strength + mobility)

A class incorporating cardiovascular training, strength training, range of motion and flexbility.  


Not sure which class is for you?  Call us to set up a complimentary consultation to go over basic form, a quick assessment and see which class or type of training might be the best fit for you!

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